A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Summer has got us excited for all that sunshine and vitamin D! The best sunglasses are those that flatter your natural facial features and fit perfectly. Once you know your face shape, you can find the right shades using a simple rule: Frames that are the opposite shape of a face, complement it best.

The easiest way to identify your face shape is with a photo in which you directly face the camera. Trace the outline of your face in this image. Now, look at it to find out whether your face is square, round, oval or heart-shaped. Once you’ve figured this out, the world is your oyster! Use the following list to choose the right sunglasses.


The width of your jaw and forehead are similar, and your chin is not well-defined.

Recommended styles: Balance your sharp jawline with round or oval frames proportionate to the size of your face. A classic pilot shape like our Lulu sunglasses can soften the angular structure of a square face. So if your face is square shaped like Angelina Jolie, stay away from thin and angular styles that draw focus to your chin.

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Lulu Black Sunglasses on Model


Just like Selena Gomez’s round shaped face, you have full cheeks with a wide forehead and chin.

Recommended styles: Angular frames flatter your face shape. Choose square or rectangular sunglasses that elongate your face and de-emphasize round cheeks. Our Vogue sunnies would definitely do the job by adding structure and contrast to a round face. Make sure to avoid round or oversized frames that enhance the roundness of your face.

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Black Vogue Sunglasses


With high cheekbones and similar width for the forehead and jaw, the proportions of your face are well-balanced. If you have an oval face shape, consider yourself super lucky because like Jessica Alba, you can pretty much pull off anything! Go wild…

Recommended styles: Although you can easily carry off any style, it is important to choose the right sized sunglasses for your face. Experiment with geometrically shaped sunglasses like square-shaped sunnies, cat-eye frames and angular styles for best results. Our Sienna sunnies are a firm favourite, which is probably due to their unique shape!

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Sienna Inkspo Sunglasses on Model in Yellow Top


Heart shaped faces are narrow at the chin and wide at the forehead. So if you have a face shape similar to Ruby Rose, follow our top tips below to find the most flattering shades for you.

Recommended styles: Sunglasses with frames that are wider at the bottom than the top, like our Freya sunnies, are ideal for your face shape. Rimless styles with lenses held in place by screws look good on heart-shaped faces too. However, make sure to ditch those semi-rimmed glasses that emphasize a broad forehead.

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Freya Sunglasses on Marble with Inkspo Pouch

Freya Inkspo Sunglasses on Model

Enjoy the sunshine!

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