Top Style Tips for Festival Fashion

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With festival season upon us, you’re probably gearing up your social calendar to attend a few music festivals where your favourite bands and artists are playing. Coachella might be over, but there are so many other amazing festivals on the horizon this summer including: Electric Picnic, Creamfields, Ultra Europe, Sziget Festival, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza and many more. The great summer weather, good music and overall good vibes are always alluring when it comes to festivals, but what many live for is festival fashion! For some, showing up in the right threads is even more important than the music, so if you’re one of these festival fashion-loving individuals, here are some style tips to get you through festival season…
Be Comfy
The No.1 style tip when it comes to festival fashion is to wear something that you’re comfortable in. You’ll be at the festival all day and night most likely, so you’ll want to show up in an outfit that won’t bother you a few hours in. Skip the platform heels, glitz and glamor accessories and anything else that’s fancy. Show off your individual style by carefully choosing unique pieces, but just make sure you’ll be comfy in them for the entire duration of the long day ahead.
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 Sunglasses Are A Must
What makes festivals so much fun is the fact that they’re outside (with a few stages in tents), so you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing weather and fresh outdoors! This is just one reason why these music festivals are held in the summer, which means you’ll definitely need to bring along your favorite set of sunglasses. With UV protection and five different lens colours available our Willow sunglasses are the perfect sunnies for any festival this summer! Their appealing style and frame shape works with the many different types of face shapes, making them your go-to sunglasses for festival season!
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Hats Are Cool
Like sunglasses, you’ll want to look the part of a festival-goer with a hat that matches your outfit. Hats are not only a festival fashion staple, but they also keep you cool and protect your head and face from the sun’s hot rays you’ll encounter during an outdoor summer festival. From large floppy hats to straw hats, anything that keeps you looking and feeling cool is a must!
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Smart Shoes
You don’t want to wait until the festival to break in some brand new shoes! Instead, stick with some comfy ones that you won’t mind getting dirty while dancing because they will get very dirty with the dust, dirt, mud and more that you’ll encounter at the festival. Also, make sure you’ll be able to wear them all day long because you don’t want to come home with blistered feet!

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