I need to change something on my order, how can I do that?
If you need to make any changes to your order please contact us immediately. We always try to send out orders as quickly as possible, and once your order has been dispatched, we will be unable to make any further changes.
Where do Inkspo deliver to?
We ship worldwide. We deliver to 220 countries!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping prices start from as little as $1.50 and are calculated according to the weight of your order. We offer free standard delivery on all orders over $75!

How long does delivery take?

We always aim to fulfil our orders within one business day so that the goods can be dispatched as soon as possible. Delivery time depends on where in the world you are based.

Average standard shipping times after processing*:

Ireland: 1 - 3 business days

United Kingdom: 2 - 5 business days

Europe: 2 - 7 business days

USA & Canada: 5 - 14 business days

Rest of the World: 5 - 14 business days

In most cases orders are delivered within 14 business days. However, deliveries to some destinations (especially locations outside the EU) can take longer than 14 business days as the orders are being dispatched from Dublin, Ireland.

*Please note: These shipping times are estimates only and they are subject to change. These shipping times do not account for delays or heavy shipping periods such as Christmas. Any duties or taxes incurred upon receipt of goods are solely the responsibility of the customer.

Is there a faster shipping option available?
We also offer an express shipping service which is useful for when you need to receive your order as soon as possible. Express shipping prices range from $15 to $35 and the price depends on which country the goods are being shipped to. If you would like to check if we ship express to your country please contact us directly for a quote.
What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. If none of these payment methods suit you we can also organise for a direct bank transfer. If you would like to pay for your purchase via bank transfer please get in touch with us by using the contact form.
At the checkout, the total price of the goods is stated in USD. Why is this?
Payments made on our online store are processed in US dollars. It is possible to view the price of products in other currencies by using the currency finder which is located at the top and centre of the website. You can view prices in the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, JPY and INR. However, when you complete your order at the checkout the payment will be processed in US dollars. If you do not see the currency of your country listed and you would like to help pricing the product in your currency please get in touch with us and we will happily help you with this.
What should I do if I haven't received my goods yet?
If your order hasn't arrived within the normal delivery window provided above please use the contact form or email us at hello@inkspo.com to get in touch with us and we will happily assist you.


Can you post my photo on Instagram?

We love featuring customers on our Insta page - @inkspo. Just tag #inkspo in your style photos to be in the chance of being featured on our page and also winning one of our monthly giveaways! 

Why won’t my order go through?

If you are experiencing trouble checking out, please try to clear the web browser’s cache and cookies and then attempt to order again. If you are still experiencing issues or would like more help please use the contact form to reach us and we will happily assist you.


Where is your store based?

We are an Irish company located in Dublin, Ireland. All of our orders are packaged and shipped from Dublin. We sell online only and do not currently have a brick and mortar store.


What are Inkspo Tats and how do I wear them?

Inkspo Tats are temporary metallic tattoos which are inspired by beautiful jewellery and iconic tattoos. Wearing these tattoos will definitely make you stand out from the crowd! Inkspo Tats will add some sparkle to any outfit – they are perfect for every day wear, a night out on the town and they add that special something to any festival outfit.

How do I apply my Inkspo Tat?

  •  Carefully remove the sheet  of tattoos from the plastic envelope
  • Cut out your desired Inkspo Tat from the sheet
  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry (no lotions, oils or perfume*)
  • Peel the clear sheet away
  • Place your Inkspo Tat face down on your body and hold it in place
  • Dab a cloth in water and hold it against the tattoo for about 45 seconds
  • Slowly and carefully peel the paper off
  • Try not to stretch the skin surrounding your #Inkspo Tat. Have fun and don’t forget to tag #inkspotats in your Instagram photos for the chance to be featured.

*You can wear perfume - just make sure you spray the perfume away from your Inkspo Tat and only after tattoo application. 

When and how do I remove my Inkspo Tats?

After you have enjoyed an event with your Inkspo Tats on, we recommend removing them to allow your skin to breathe. Apply baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil to your skin with a cotton pad. Leave the cotton pad on your skin for a minute before gently scrubbing your Inkspo Tats off. Moisturise the area afterwards to help soothe your skin and keep it soft.

How long do Inkspo Tats last?

Your Inkspo Tats can last anywhere between 3 and 5 days. However, the durability of your tattoos depends on how well you care for them. 

Can I shower with Inkspo Tats on?

Yes - Inkspo Tats are waterproof. You can shower as normal, just don’t scrub them. Be gentle when towelling dry the area around your tattoos.

Are Inkspo Tats safe for skin?

Yes, Inkspo Tats are safe to use on skin. However, we do not recommend using them for anyone who is under 3 years of age, allergic to adhesives or pregnant. Avoid application on sensitive skin/close to the eye area.

How do I apply my Mac Tat to my device? 

  •  Make sure your device is clean - use a cloth to gently wipe the surface of the area where you will apply your Mac Tat.
  • Take your Mac Tat sheet out of the clear envelope.
  • Slowly, carefully and starting at a corner, peel away your Mac Tat from the backing paper. Avoid stretching it.
  • Position the Mac Tat accurately over your device. Apply it to your device starting from the centre and working outwards. Push the skin of the Mac Tat outwards towards the edge of your device.
  • Remove any air bubbles by using a credit card to smoothen them out.  

Check out our application video on our Instagram: @inkspo


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